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The Cabinet Center / reviews

Mike Nelson
24 Oct, 2018

Brad was great. He helped me remodel my kitchen in Danville. The process took a lot less time than I thought it would. I particularly liked to consultation with the designers. I actually enjoyed the process and found it to be stress-free! I would certainly use The Cabinet Center again. I”m considering remodeling my bathroom as well, and they can help with that as well.

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John C
2 Sep, 2018

The Cabinet Center is a “10” in my opinion. I just had a kitchen remodel and the design transformed my home. It is phenomenal – it feels like a new home after 25 years of living in the same real estate.
I was introduced to The Cabinet Center and its owner, Brad McCarthy, by my contractor. Brad was the critical and pivotal keystone in the remodel. I will tell you first and foremost – start your kitchen design with Brad. He has such an insightful view of your needs and a keen design flavor that will fully integrate your imagination. You will receive Brad’s years of experience for a sensational outcome.
The cabinets I purchased are remarkable – the quality is unequalled. I shopped at Lowe’s and Home Depot for alternatives. I’m glad I chose The Cabinet Center. My cabinets were custom designed for my space needs and there are those “little” things that add value. Such as – the built in Lazy Susan; the quick release latches that allow me to pull the drawers out; the quick release mounting brackets that allow me to easily detach, and attach the doors to the cabinets. Believe me, if you decide to line the drawers or line the cabinet shelves, you will appreciate the quick release units. The cabinets are beautiful.
Go to The Cabinet Center and ask for Brad. You might as well start with the best. After my kitchen was completed, I echoed – “it was worth every dollar I spent”. I am not at all stretching the truth.

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Steve B.
5 Aug, 2018

When they come out and measure, they know what they’re doing. Everything worked perfectly. They were easy to work with. The cabinets are custom made and of good quality. The salespeople were very knowledgeable.

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Gregg E.
6 July, 2018

They are good. They were very helpful and had a good selection.

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Henry A.
12 May, 2018

They have good quality cabinets. It was a simple process. They were friendly and good to work with.

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Amanda B.
2 April Oct, 2018

They have good service and they’re helpful in doing a drawing of the space. I just think they were very organized and the quality seems good.

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Sheila W.
26 Feb, 2018

Go see Cecila, she’s very knowledgeable. Cecila, she’s very knowledgeable, she’s been doing this a long time, and could give you very good details on building a kitchen.

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Sapna S.
20 Jan, 2017

Joe was the designer who worked with me. He was very knowledgeable and helped me a lot. I’d ask them to go talk to Joe and probably do business with them.
I only worked with Joe, so he is very detail oriented and that’s something that I appreciated. Whenever I had any issues he was quick to provide a solution, and he followed through. I didn’t have to second guess anything and I knew he was taking care of it. He had my best interests at heart when he was working with my design. I was completely satisfied.

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Laurie N.
3 March, 2017

I would definitely use them, but ask for Brad McCarthy.Specifically Brad McCarthy.

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Paul R.
11 April, 2017

We’ve recommended them. They’re very personable, kept their word, delivered things on time, I liked just about our whole experience.

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Tom M.
8 June, 2017

Great service, good quality. The quality and the responsiveness.

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Praveen V.
4 Aug, 2017

I just got the design done by them, but we haven’t had them install them. The woman who did the design was very helpful in providing proper solutions and ideas for our needs.
They’re located very close and they have a lot of options. It’s small, but they have a lot of options that are mostly current designs.

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Bernie F.
21 Nov, 2017

Joe who designed our kitchen 20 years ago is still here and still helpful. I only ordered a part, but they just made it easy.

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Mayella K.
25 Dec, 2017

That Kathy knew what she was doing
Just their attitude

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Denise H.
19 Jan, 2016

They’re very thoughtful about the way they help you plan your project and are there for whatever you need.
I would say that his help was invaluable. The way I thought I wanted the project and planned to do the project was not going to work. He looked at it and explained to me that it wasn’t going to work and had good reasons. He was right and it turned out better than it would have been.

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Dick E.
11 March, 2016

They really know their stuff and they are more than able to just do what you want, they can suggest improvements as well. My experience, the two times we used them, is that our designs and our outcomes were much better because of their suggestions than without them.
Their responsive, pleasant, helpful, they helped my contractor out when he ruined something and replaced it with something that didn’t cost me any money. They go the extra mile and really help their customers. They know how to treat their clients right, deliver the product, and all that jazz.

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Lizelle K.
29 June, 2016

To use them, they’re really good.
They’re very fast and everybody was on time.

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Julianne F.
23 Aug, 2016

I worked with Cecelia and I would say she obviously is super experienced, very professional, very patient and very knowledgeable.
I really appreciated the time that Cecelia spent with me because I needed a custom cabinet for my bathroom. She worked within my budget and helped me with some creative ideas.

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Jessi W.
14 Oct, 2016

They had great customer service.
The sales guy

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Joseph M.
1 Dec, 2016

I was very satisfied. The woman that helped me was wonderful and I’m very happy.
They’re very nice and they follow through on whatever they say they’ll do.

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Gary V.
16 Dec, 2016

They take responsibility for issues and do a good job of dealing with the cabinet company if there’s a problem.
They are courteous and professional about providing good service.

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Dianne M.
24 Jan, 2015

The cabinets were extremely good. My contractor is a personal friend of the owner so I was spoiled if anything.
I liked not having to go shopping all over. They were very courteous, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

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Stephen H.
19 March, 2015

They had great service and good quality. They gave us enough options to where we could make a choice, but they didn’t overwhelm us.

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Warren G.
27 May, 2015

They’re making a big mistake if they don’t hire them.
McCarthy himself, let me tell you, he answered every question, and he was right there for every concern. He was in and out so fast that I have no idea how he did it, and everything came out perfectly. I didn’t hesitate about any suggestion he made. We didn’t question it; we just went with it, and he was right on with all the answers and decisions. He was helpful and made everything come together so completely. I’m still looking at it a year later wondering how did he did that so fast and so well.

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Jack C.
2 July, 2015

Highly recommend
Service and price

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Max M.
2 Sep, 2015

They did a really good job helping us pick out cabinets and getting them designed.
The selection of cabinets that they had.

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Sonny W.
6 Nov, 2015

The salesman was very knowledgeable and listened to what we wanted.
Customer service

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Peter K.
21 Jan, 2014

They were very professional and knowledgeable.
The salesman was very nice and accommodated us.

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Curtis L.
4 March, 2014

The person we worked with was very knowledgeable. She was easy to work with and knew her product.
Just the feeling I got when I went in there, it was very welcoming. They had a lot of cabinets on display.

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Al B.
7 June, 2014

Their people are very creative, and they help you a lot. They bend over backwards, and they give you great ideas. They are a great source.
Their selection of products, and you can choose whatever price range fits your budget. They work with you. They are just good folks.

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20 July, 2014

They have very good follow-up.
They delivered everything as they said they would, and it was a great price. I was pretty happy.

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Bryn H.
8 Sep, 2014

We had a great experience, and the quality was great.
I felt like they had a good selection, great customer service, and we found what we needed.

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Cissy B.
4 Oct, 2014

I thought they were very helpful in designing what we needed.
Their salespeople and the quality of the work, they were perfect for what we needed.

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Dana E.
25 Jan, 2013

They’re very professional and have very well-constructed cabinets.
Brad was exact in his measurements, and everything turned out perfect.

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Dave M.
1 Mar, 2013

It was Cecilia who worked with us. She helped us stay within our budget.
They were able to do the cabinets and recommend a contractor. It’s a one-stop shop.

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Derek L.
22 April, 2013

They were very cooperative, and I felt like it was upscale. It was really nice.
I liked the designer I worked with. She was really flexible, and she listened to what I wanted.

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Greg L.
21 June, 2013

Their employees are very nice. I worked with Cathy St.Clair, and she was excellent.
They had a lot to choose from, and I was able to find some bathroom tile from them.

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Karen M.
9 Sep, 2013

They’re awesome. I really liked doing business with them.
They thought of things that I didn’t even think about, and they were very accommodating to what I needed.

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Nick H.
1 Dec, 2013

I’d like to tell them that the guy who helped me, Chris, did an unbelievable job. In terms of knowledge and expertise about the cabinets and the business itself, I can’t imagine anybody being better.
Chris did a fantastic job. He is extremely knowledgeable.

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Paul O.
23 Jan, 2012

They are very professional, detail oriented, and they aim to please to make sure you’re satisfied.
I would say just the high level of service and their commitment to a job well done

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Rick R.
26 Mar, 2012

They were easy to work with, knowledgeable, and prompt with their follow-up.
We had some cabinet repair work done. The person came out, accessed the work, ordered what we needed, and took care of it completely from step A to Z.

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Terri C.
5 June, 2012

They have personalized service.
That someone paid attention to me

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Donna R.
4 Aug, 2012

They are very nice people and they really try to fit your needs with the best quality products that you can afford. They do good design work and take care of you. They did a really good job for us and we were very satisfied.
It was all good for us from start to finish. We were well taken care of and enjoyed the process. They did everything we wanted and needed and expected them to do. It was all good. We love the new look in our home and all the storage it provides.

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Ray W.
17 Oct, 2012

It’s a great one-stop shop with all the cabinets and the countertops. People can see and feel the quality and know what they are getting. It really works well for customers.
I really liked the people and the personal service they provided. The people know how to help their clients and offer value-added services so that the project flows smoothly.

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Robin S.
27 Dec, 2012

They are very professional and helpful. Everything went according to plan without any problems or mistakes. I was very satisfied.
Joe Patrick was the person who worked with me. He really took care of everything I needed and did a good job pulling it all together. I liked everything he and The Cabinet Center did for me. All of it was a great experience for me.

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Shahnaz G.
20 Jan, 2011

I really wanted to do this survey because our experience was so terrific. I highly recommend them. They did a great design and really worked with our timeframe. I felt we got a very good price and very good quality. We were so satisfied with what The Cabinet Center did for us.
Brad McCarthy worked with us. He came out to our home immediately. The design he did for us was so different than what we had envisioned, but we went with it and it really has been wonderful. We are so glad we took his design. He worked with our timetable and our needs. He even got the door manufacturer to remove a feature from the door as we did not like that feature, so it was like having customized work done. It was their personalized service that we liked so well.

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Rendy L.
14 May, 2011

They did our entire house. We had cabinets installed in just about every room. Our experience was very good. They took care of everything we wanted and solved all our issues and they were just great to work with. I love how everything turned out and all the storage we have too.
I liked that they were willing to work within our budget. Their price was good and they did everything we wanted. We were very happy with how everything turned out for us.

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F. D. M. C.
4 Aug, 2011

They quoted properly and they were on time, which are the important things.
The quality of the job and everything they did was quality. They did it at the price they quoted and they did it on time.

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Beverly A.
1 Oct, 2011

Go there.
Customer service, Chris is incredibly helpful and responsive.

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Laura F.
14 Dec, 2011

I had a fabulous experience. I liked their helpfulness and the high quality of their cabinets. I liked the people who worked with me as they really made this the great experience that I had. I am so happy with how everything looks, and how it turned out in our home.
I liked that I was able to see the different cabinetry products. They really helped me a lot in deciding what I wanted to do. Their showroom is very nice.

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Marci P.
25 Dec, 2011

They were fantastic to work with. They offered lots of ideas and were very flexible. I have recommended them to others already because of what a great experience we had with them. We were totally satisfied. They did such a great job.
Chris Chidester modified our designs and just did a fantastic job. He was great to work with. We are happy with the quality of the cabinetry. They used a very good installation crew. The workmanship was excellent.

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David K.
7 Feb, 2010

This was a convenient one-stop shopping. The company did it all and integrated the whole thing. It was very smooth for us. We did not have to do too much ourselves at all. We were happy with how the project turned out.
We really liked the personalized and customized quality of service and design work that they did for us. The project looks very professional and businesslike. It is highly functional. We were very satisfied.

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Debbie L.
3 April, 2010

They used good quality materials and were very helpful with design. We were able to get a very accurate idea of what our project would look like when completed. It was nice being able to see and feel the quality of the craftsmanship. We were able to get a much better idea of what we wanted for our own home by going to them.
I really liked the personalized service. We did not feel like we were trying to do this all by ourselves. It was nice to have experienced people helping us with our options and making suggestions.

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Dee O.
24 June, 2010

They are an outstanding company with expert personnel. They have great product knowledge, they are easy to work with, and they are just very kind and nice people to work with. They provided wonderful personalized customer service. I have recommended them to others and will do so again.
I liked that they provided me such wonderful selection choices and great advice.

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Robin L.
28 Aug, 2010

They offer good quality, personalized service. They are a well-run company and operate efficiently. They designed an amazing kitchen that I love more and more every day. I loved all the little tweaks Chris did for us to give us exactly what we needed.
Chris Chidester set up a great personalized kitchen design for me that was over and beyond what you’d ever get at Home Depot. He thought up cleverly personalized ways to utilize the space in my kitchen and was able to recess my refrigerator so that it did not stick out so much and created a book nook for my son’s books. It is customized for our family’s personal needs. He was just terrific.

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Rita B.
24 Oct, 2010

They are very professional. The owner, Brad, listened very well to all my needs and was very helpful. He was so good with following up. He communicated well with me. They offered good quality products and I was totally satisfied with the whole experience.
I liked that they had very good products to select from and they were so accommodating and friendly. They really were willing to work with me. I am happy to recommend them.

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Ildiko H.
8 Dec, 2010

They are very professional and they do a good job. I was happy with everything they did and my kitchen looks great.
The installation crew arrived on time. Everything had been planned out nicely, so it was a straightforward job that turned out well. They cleaned up and did everything properly and professionally.

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Linda S.
23 Jan, 2009

They were very helpful. It was so nice to just go to one place, one source, and have all my needs taken care of by experts in the field. I got the help I was looking for and was totally pleased with what they came up with. My remodel turned out looking great because of their top-notch products.
I just absolutely loved all the stuff we got. It’s like having a whole new home inside. I am so impressed with the quality and how the project turned out looking so incredible.

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Donald G.
8 Mar, 2009

Very competent and responsive
Their knowledge of the business

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Jane B.
15 April, 2009

I liked that we got the assistance we needed. They offered a variety of products, were detail oriented, and they came to our home both before and afterward. We needed to get cabinets for three different locations and we were not experienced. We really depended and relied on them.
We liked that we got the assistance that we really required. We couldn’t afford to make any mistakes, so they worked with us, had great ideas, and they really helped us get what we really wanted and didn’t know how. The areas turned out beautifully and we are just so happy with the way the whole project went from start to finish. We highly recommend them.

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Ralph Matile
4 Oct, 2018

We went through an entire homes remodel….yep…gutted it….
After dealing with several cabinet shops, we ended up with “The Cabinet Center”.
Brad (the owner) personally came out to our house and measured.
His attention to detail, and the experience he has removed just about any chance of mistakes.
He also does the design work, and can provide the perspective drawings so you get a good idea of the layout. He is very skilled at designing.
The installers actually rejected some material and had it re-ordered, because they knew from past experience it would not pass Brads approval.
All in all…we’re extremely happy with the cabinets.
We dealt with 3 shops prior, and all 3 were not at the par of “The cabinet Shop”….not even close.
We would highly recommend “The Cabinet Center”, and be happy to show the quality of the work to anyone interested.

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Borja C
13 Aug, 2018

Brad and the team at the Cabinet Center go above and beyond to deliver for their clients. I chose them to help me remodel my kitchen and bathrooms because I felt confident that they would achieve extraordinary results. As a client, the journey is equally important as the end result. Brad was a true professional, always willing to lend a hand no matter how small the task. I would highly recommend Brad and the team at The Cabinet Center to anyone interested in remodeling their kitchen or bathroom.

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Joyce R.
27 July, 2018

I thought they were very professional and very easy to work with. I liked their selections, their ideas, and suggestions. It was a very nice experience and turned out great.
They were great. I really liked their personalized attention. I was very pleased with the results after the project was finished.

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Kathy J.
23 June, 2018

They are very professional and helpful. The quality of the cabinets and the selection they had were terrific. They have great customer service and attention to detail. I have recommended them to others already.
The quality of the cabinets they installed for me is what I like best. They represent high quality merchandise and have wonderful customized ideas and suggestions. They can fit great storage into the spaces you have to deal with. They are very accurate in their measurements and their installers who do the actual work are very good.

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Katie H.
3 May, 2018

Brad McCarthy was fantastic and so helpful. I liked his attention to detail and his follow-through. He was so thorough about everything and this made the project go smoothly and was so successfully completed.
I liked how meticulous and committed they were to getting the project designed to my satisfaction, and then, getting everything installed so professionally and competently. I love the changes that were done. Everything looks and functions great.

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Char V.
25 March, 2018

They are really good at what they do. They know this field, are very patient, and attentive. They were very interested in giving the customer what they wanted, trying to find a way to make it work for the consumer’s needs and budget.
I really liked working with Chris Chidester. He and the installers were personable, helpful, and very professional. I had a great experience. I like all the improvements that these cabinets have made.

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Teri R.
8 Jan, 2018

They are talented, artistic, and visionaries. They are conveniently located and it was convenient to go to them and have them figure out what was needed based on our budget. Their showroom is beautiful. They are very nice people to deal with. I was so pleased with how they worked with us, provided us high quality customer service, and the finished project’s result was so perfect. I can easily recommend them to others.
I liked that as a repeat customer, and despite it being 5 or 6 years later, that Joe Patrick remembered me and worked with me on this project too. I liked the familiar continuity Joe Patrick provided. He is talented, thorough, attentive to detail, and he could conceptualize how the cabinets would look. The design concept he came up with was fantastic for my home and the results were wonderful. We could not be more pleased.

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Linda H.
3 Feb, 2017

Their sales people are people oriented and they really listened to me and came up with a design that worked beautifully in my home. I was very pleased with how the project turned out and appreciative of everything they did.
I have recommended them to others. Anyone who comes into my home and compliments me on how nice it looks, I tell them about The Cabinet Center and what a good job they did for me.

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Elise D.
9 March, 2017

They were very helpful, nice people, and professional. I would tell others to be aware of what you are getting and how it might impact the use of the remaining space. The tradeoff for having more defined storage could be less open space or even less available countertop space.
I liked that it was a very good experience for me. I loved the results when it was all finished. I feel the space is more efficiently utilized and I love all the new storage possibilities.

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Rajni S.
1 May, 2017

The people there are very professional and courteous. They are very helpful and they know the possibilities that are available. They really helped me a lot and I would recommend them.
I liked their customer service and the quality of the cabinets they sell the best. I got some very attractive cabinets installed and I am very happy.

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21 June, 2017

I like my cabinets. I like dealing with them. There are no problems, and they do what they say the will do with their delivery. They are a top-notch company.

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1 Sep, 2017

I liked the ideas that they presented, the alternatives that they suggested, and things like that.

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Ann C.
4 Dec, 2017

They were very happy to work with me and very professional. They were very friendly, just awesome. I had a very good experience using them. They were good listeners, they wanted to make me happy, and they were willing to come down in their pricing. They were willing to work with me and do everything that I wanted.

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Bob G.
30 Dec, 2017

Their service, we worked with Kelly. She was very professional, she knew what she was doing, and she was a nice person.

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Craig K.
12 Feb, 2016

Cynthia was our designer. She was great. She had a lot of experience and was meticulous about details. She was also very good at revisiting the plans when we had changes.

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Elaine E.
1 Apr, 2016

I thought that the personnel working there was outstanding. Their employees were very personable. They had a nice showroom with quality supplies. They sold quality materials and items.

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Elizabeth F.
10 July, 2016

The service, the saleswoman was very helpful.

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Fred S.
8 Sep, 2016

They did everything. They were very accommodating. It was a pleasure dealing with Chris and his staff. They were excellent in every way. They helped me through some difficult times. They were very accommodating. I can’t say enough about them.

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Garry B.
17 Nov, 2016

They were very responsive to questions and service. We had some issues with the cabinets and the configuration. The owner came out to help us figure it out.

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Jeff B.
8 Dec, 2016

The time they took helping us pick out the cabinets, they went over the different styles and choices, until we saw the cabinets we were looking for.

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Ken R.
26 Dec, 2016

The layout and their knowledge about the different types of parts and pieces available to meet our needs

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Leslie B.
6 Feb, 2015

Their customer service, and they also met their deadline. The sales representative I was dealing with was on top of things, good with following up, and made sure everything was done and ordered correctly.

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Linda G.
13 April, 2015

My designer was very good. I was introduced to them by Bill R.

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Lorene M.
14 June, 2015

They had good quality merchandise. They were wonderful.

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Bill F.
14 July, 2015

Personal service

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Sheila L.
28 Sep, 2015

They worked with me to design my kitchen in a way that worked very well.

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Gail A.
22 Nov, 2015

The service was good. The cabinets were nice and clean. They worked well.

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Stephen L.
5 Feb, 2014

I liked Cynthia, our sales associate.

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Sav D.
12 Apr, 2014

Diana Rossi, my sales associate

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Mayumi D.
27 June, 2014

They listened to us really well. They tried to understand what we wanted. They also communicated really well. They were open to what we needed. They always responded quickly.

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Alex A.
5 Aug, 2014

What I liked was the customer service. Kelly was great. Every time I contacted her, she called me back right away. I had an issue with the cabinet, as one of the doors was broken. I called Kelly and a manager was sent to my house right away.

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Nita P.
9 Sep, 2014

Probably Joe Patrick

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Michelle W.
14 Nov, 2014

They were a good choice. We were able to pick something beautiful and affordable.

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Karen B.
7 Feb, 2013

I don’t know.

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Bill M.
16 Mar, 2013

They were accurate and stood behind their work.

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Sofia P.
2 May, 2013

I like the customer service.

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Damien W.
7 July, 2013

They have a good customer service approach and pay very close attention to detail. I recommended them to my cousin.

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24 Oct, 2013

I liked their personality and they really worked with us to arrange to get the cabinets that we wanted. We’re very happy.

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Theresa D.
18 Dec, 2013

They were very good. Brad McCarthy and Andrew listened to all my needs, answered my questions and were just amazing.

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Jeff M.
22 Feb, 2012

I liked the service. They helped us pick out what would work for us.

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Ken D.
22 April, 2012

I like the location.

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Bill J.
27 June, 2012

I liked their customer service a lot and they did a very good job.

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M3 C.
22 Aug, 2012

They were professional and responded quickly.

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Nadia K.
25 Nov, 2012

The customer service, they answered all my questions and I liked the software they used to show me what my kitchen would look like.

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Gena M.
31 Dec, 2012

They were very delightful to work with and they took a lot of time with us in discussing what would be the best cabinets for us.

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Danny M.
26 Mar, 2009

The quality of the cabinets is a 9. The service was great.

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Steve M.
1 Jan, 2011

They had good customer service and an excellent product. They walked me through everything and I have recommended them to several other people.

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Susan M.
29 Mar, 2011

Customer service

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Sue R.
21 June, 2011

That they were very thorough from start to finish.

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T. S. C. I.
28 Nov, 2011

Product, people, everything about them

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Julie W.
19 Dec, 2011

I would tell them they were great.
It was easy to work with them.

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Charley R.
30 Dec, 2011

I would say that they’re very helpful, very knowledgeable, and very efficient in what they do.
I liked that there was somebody there who was knowledgeable to talk to, and who was also responsive and calling you back, that kind of thing.

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Tony T.
24 Feb, 2010

To look at all the options that they have, they have a full range of value and quality.
The person we dealt with was very helpful, very personable, and she took interest in us as a family. They did a great job.

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Chandler E.
15 May, 2010

I would tell them to use The Cabinet Center. I think they did a great job on my cabinets.
The personalized service, their patience, and that they took the time to do the design of the cabinets, pick the colors and style, lay out the kitchen, and make modifications.

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David P.
17 July, 2010

The thing we liked the best was that the cabinets were not made in China. They’re Columbia brand from Canada and they’re quite good quality, so we were happy with the quality and the look.
Just the quality

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Jeff G.
19 Sep, 2010

Excellent customer service
Excellent customer service and pricing

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Holly C.
13 Nov, 2010

The quality was quite good.
I like how sturdy the cabinets are.

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Amy S.
28 Dec, 2010

They are very knowledgeable and very customer-focused.
They are easy to work with.

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Jack S.
11 Feb, 2009

I enjoyed doing business with them. They’re responsive, they know what they’re doing, and they have a good product.
They had a lot of different styles to choose from.

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Addison B.
22 Mar, 2009

The way the doors open and close easily is very nice.
They did a fantastic job with the style that I selected.

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Jennifer M.
13 May, 2009

It was a positive experience.
I liked the quality of the product and the customer service. He spent a lot of time going over the cabinets with me and giving me information about choices that were available.

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Joseph C.
21 June, 2009

We’re happy, and it was done to our specifications.
There were no problems that we had encountered.

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Matt G.
10 July, 2009

Brad is a pretty good guy. I enjoyed working with him.
Brad was great. He was my sales guy.

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Judy B.
9 Aug, 2009

Good quality, good service, and good price
The man who was in charge was really helpful in trying to get us good quality at a lower price.

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Kira E.
3 Oct, 2009

They are very nice people. They offer a thorough selection and have qualified designers. Their products aren’t just good, they are excellent. They offer the right combination of great products, experienced, competent people, and excellent customer service.
I liked that they took the complications out of the process. They are very easy to work with. They had the products I needed and they were able to get them in fast. They set up the installation so the project could be completed quickly. The installers knew what they were doing. It all went like clockwork and was done professionally and efficiently. I was very satisfied.

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Eilo B.
8 Nov, 2009

They are fantastic.
They are very easy to reach and the prices are great.

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Lauren N.
7 Dec, 2009

They are really great people. They sell top quality cabinets. Overall, Brad did a great job. He showed us some great designs with great options and different price points and pointed out the differences so we could make good decisions. The installation went great too. Everyone did a great job and The Cabinet Center really stands by their products. One of the pieces arrived damaged, but they got it replaced in no time at all.
I really liked the combination of the design work and quality of the products they represent. They are just very easy people to work with too. It was a great experience for us.

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Jeanette D.
26 Dec, 2009

I would highly recommend them. It was a wonderful experience.
It was very personable. I am really happy with the outcome. It was really good service and it was done in a timely manner.

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Joyce E.
28 Dec, 2009

This is a great place to go to. The people I worked with were wonderful. Cecilia worked with me, was very approachable and friendly, and attentive to details. She worked within my budget and was very helpful in helping me complete my vision for what I wanted for my home. Everyone there was very nice, friendly, and accommodating. I felt so comfortable with them and having them help me.
I liked that they were collaborative and never pushy. I liked that they worked with me for getting the project done at a price I could afford. I thought everyone was very professional. My phone calls were returned promptly and the information I requested was always supplied quickly. I would recommend them. Cecilia was fantastic.

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Carrie W
13 Sep, 2018

Brad and his team at The Cabinet Center provided us with unparalleled, amazing service in our quest to find the perfect kitchen cabinets for our new space. Brad was great to work with in that he not only provided us with great options for cabinets with all the bells and whistles we desired but also gave us great input on our design and other creative elements including lighting, countertops and color. By far the best experience we have had so far in our remodeling adventure. The attention to detail, the follow up and the incredible communication throughout the process has been incredible. Prices are extremely competitive and Brad is invested in making sure his customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase and experience. The Cabinet Center gets an A+ from us!

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Diana J.
10 Aug, 2018

I worked with Chris Chidester. He is very good, personable, he gave attention to the details, and I was happy with his services and the quality of their products, and the quality of the cabinets they installed.
I liked that Chris was very thorough, and he returned calls right away. They are all very professional and I would recommend them to others.

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Don M.
13 July, 2018

I feel that the owner, Brad, is right on top of things and he knows his business really well. He has good knowledge of the cabinets.
Probably because I am dealing with the owner. When I run my business, I like to deal with the owner of the company.

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Michelle D.
22 May, 2018

That they were really helpful in providing options that were within my price range
They had a really beautiful showroom.

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Liz S.
21 April, 2018

My cabinet designer, Joe, was absolutely the greatest. He could envision how everything would fit into the space limitation I had to work with. He was very knowledgeable and really detailed in his design work to utilize the space so efficiently. I was very impressed with his artistic abilities.
Their ability to work with me in the limited spaces and the budget I had to work with, is what I liked the best. I appreciated the time and effort they put into it for me.

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Ella P.
13 March, 2018

They offer great service, have a very attractive showroom, carry a large selection to choose from, and great ideas. They offer good design assistance. It’s a place that can do it all and that’s convenient.
We liked their design assistance the best. They are very skilled in this area and it made it easy on us to be able to get the results and the look we wanted.

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Chris B.
15 Jan, 2017

The quality of their cabinets

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Gary H.
24 Feb, 2017

Our kitchen remodel was difficult, because it was oddly shaped. I liked their ideas, expertise, and the way they looked at things, something we never would have thought of. I thought they did a very good job.

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Robert P.
2 Apr, 2017

I really liked the interaction I had with the salesperson and the designer. Also, I liked the choice of having a high-end cabinet or a mid-range semi-custom cabinet.

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Pam S.
7 May, 2017

The designer was extremely helpful.

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Janet C.
9 July, 2017

The personalized service I got from Cynthia

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Tim B.
6 Dec, 2017

I like Deanna.

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Virginia L.
10 Jan, 2016

The coordination between the different workers

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Ahmet E.
23 Feb, 2016

They were very nice to deal with and they took the time to help us chose. Also they delivered on time and it looks great.

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Christy M.
20 May, 2016

I had a couple of problems with my installation and they fixed them right away.

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Tina R.
19 Aug, 2016

I would say that they listened to what my needs were, and they delivered a high-quality product.
That they were local, even though they were a little more expensive, but I like shopping locally.

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David P.
17 Sep, 2016

The nice thing is the options they have for cabinets, so you don’t have to buy cabinets from China. That’s very important to us.
Joe, the sales guy, was great. He was knowledgeable, very nice, and helpful. I like the quality of the cabinets and that they’re not made in China.

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Karen B.
25 Nov, 2016

They helped design my new kitchen.
They were able to do layouts of some options for the kitchen.

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Jeff P.
11 Dec, 2016

It’s a decent value, and they’re helpful.
Probably the design process

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Jim M.
9 Jan, 2015

You can see a finished product and I like seeing that. They had a bath vanity set up that we saw in the store, and we got our vanity made just like it, because we loved the display so much. They had kitchen displays too. It’s hard to visualize how things will look finished, but then you see a display of it in the store, that really helps.
I liked seeing the finished products.

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Kylie S.
24 Feb, 2015

I don’t know.
It was easy to get to.

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Avery T.
9 May, 2015

The representative was wonderful, and the display was great.
The customer service was excellent.

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Nicole F.
26 June, 2015

They had good customer service, and they were friendly and helpful.
They were able to guide me in my choices toward countertops and door handles, even though I had only bought counters. They used their expertise in more than one way for me, even though I wasn’t buying those things from them.

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Randy B.
8 Aug, 2015

Their experienced sales staff
They are willing to work around your schedule.

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Riley C.
21 Oct, 2015

The job was okay, so I would say they are fine.
The quality is better than the cheaper ones.

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Michele B.
11 Jan, 2014

I would tell them not to use their countertop people.
I like the design of my kitchen.

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Nick E.
22 Feb, 2014

They are expensive but you get quality.
I liked the personal service.

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Harmony Y.
4 May, 2014

They are a professional company. I worked with Chris Chidester, who was an amazing designer. I checked out four companies and the prices were pretty much the same, so it was Chris and his personal service that won me over.
I thought the cabinetry products were well built. I liked that they came from Oregon and were American made. I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I would recommend this company to others.

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Mimi M.
8 July, 2014

They are competitively priced, offer good quality workmanship in the products they represent, and they are thorough in their details. Everything got ordered correctly.
We like the look and the quality of the products we bought from them. They have good manufacturers, good quality products, and a nice selection. The end result of the project turned out to be all good and we’re happy.

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Barbara D.
22 Aug, 2014

They are experienced, professional, skilled, and knowledgeable. They also have a great showroom and offer a variety of good cabinetry product selections. They are a design center with people who are skilled in drawing up design plans. They are friendly, personable, helpful, and they have good suggestions and ideas.
I really liked their attention to detail the best. Their design plans are very comprehensive. They are very thorough in conceptualizing how the plan will look once finished.

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Tracy M.
23 Sep, 2014

The staff of the Cabinet Center are really easy to work with. They know what they are doing, they know the quality of the materials within the price points, and they know what works and what doesn’t. They know how to do good design work and they have experienced installers. Their showroom is a good place to start in order to get ideas. I recommend them.
They have very good customer service. They get back to you, keep you informed, and follow up on calls. They really try to help their customers.

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Sheri L.
1 Jan, 2013

Joe Patrick was great. He really did a good job for us. They have designers there and they can help you design, pick out colors, and they are a full-service center so it is very convenient. They supply the cabinets, the installers, and they do the remodeling design work too.
I liked the convenience of one-stop shopping. I liked that they were able to get me the cabinets that we really wanted for our kitchen and bedroom.

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Susan H.
21 Feb, 2013

The staff of The Cabinet Center was very good and they were able to resolve issues and worked closely with me from start to finish. I was very happy with the quality of the cabinetry and the total finished look once everything was installed.
I really liked their personal service. They are a full service company and their design people are very good at what they do.

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Teresa P.
1 April, 2013

They were very convenient to go to. I liked how they followed through on what they promised. I liked their selection and the services they offered. They will work with your contractors or they will supply installers. They are just very accommodating and flexible. They really seem to care about the outcome and ensuring the customer is happy.
I liked that they were so available. If I needed to see them or had a question or concern, they were very responsive. I loved the way everything turned out in the end.

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Todd A.
29 May, 2013

They were very professional and accommodating. They had what I wanted at the price I wanted and I liked their ability to customize what I wanted for my kitchen. I liked their design work.
I liked working with the person that was sort of my project manager for the whole project of remodeling my kitchen. He was experienced, personable, professional, and talented. I liked the design and the quality of the materials they supply. It turned out well.

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26 Aug, 2013

Knowledgeable staff

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30 Nov, 2013

I got what I needed.

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Harold K.
3 Jan, 2012

Their design services.

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Jamie P.
24 Mar, 2012

Knowledge, I purchased two cabinets from them.

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Mark R.
28 May, 2012

The lady we dealt with was very helpful. She met well with us and explained what we were getting. We were able to go over things with her.

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Michael C.
22 July, 2012


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Mike B.
27 Sep, 2012

Tina and Kelly are hands down the best. They are very hands-on. They have excellent ideas and good recommendations.

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Denise S.
20 Dec, 2012

The designer I worked with was very helpful. She talked to the installers and answered all of my questions.

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Wes G.
11 Jan, 2011

Knowledgeable salespeople

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Diane M.
23 April, 2011

I liked that I could take care of everything in one place. They have both cabinets and appliances.

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Phil G.
18 July, 2011

I would guess the designer.

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Laurie S.
14 Sep, 2011

We enjoyed working with Chris.

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Tim H.
2 Dec, 2011

The convenience

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Carol D.
22 Dec, 2011

The service that we received was good. We got a lot of attention to detail.

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B. P.
18 Jan, 2010

I was referred to them and was satisfied with the service.

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Arleen A.
6 Mar, 2010

Be careful and accurate with your order.
They were responsive and their process for ordering was very responsive and smooth.

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Ryan B.
8 June, 2010

We had the work done almost a year ago, so I don’t remember much about it.
Nothing that I remember.

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Robert G.
17 Aug, 2010

They’re kind of expensive.
When we first engaged them, they were convenient, because they were close to where we lived.

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Mike T.
4 Oct, 2010

I thought the customer service with Brad was exceptional. I think cabinets are cabinets in some ways, so what it really comes down to is that if something is going wrong will it be fixed, and really responsive communication, especially when you’re doing a big, complicated job. A lot of times, it makes a difference if you know they’ll be responsive and correct problems, and you’ll pay more for that insurance.
The customer service and convenience, because I live really close. I liked the showroom. It was helpful to have so many things to look at.

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Aileen A.
21 Nov, 2010

Be wary of the high-end brands, because they are not as nice as they should be.
I liked Brad, the salesperson. He is very knowledgeable about all of the cabinets, and he is very quick and responsive.

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Emma D.
10 Jan, 2009

They have a nice selection, a good Web site, nice showroom, and it’s worth a look to see what they have to offer. It’s a good way to get ideas about all the possibilities, what’s available, and how they look and feel and operate.
I liked that they had nice displays, nice showrooms, and they offered very personalized service.

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Diane H.
25 Feb, 2009

The overall experience was positive. The quality of the cabinetry is very good. We were very pleased with the variety and selection to choose from and the different price points and options. We got lots of ideas through the process of getting to know what they had to offer.
We liked that they had some good capabilities and lots of options for the cabinets. There’s the look and the functionality of the cabinets themselves. So there are different styles and materials to evaluate. There’s more to it than one would imagine. It’s a good way to get an education about this industry.

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Ed W.
2 April, 2009

I don’t have anything one way or the other.
It was convenient and I got it done.

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Addison M.
29 May, 2009

The quality of the cabinets was good and I liked the salesperson. I don’t know where the screw up happened or if it was the factory or the salesperson, but we had a whole bathroom of cabinets that were the wrong color and size.
I like the quality of the cabinets.

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Pauline S.
1 July, 2009

I wouldn’t consider them a bad group to work with, but I wouldn’t use them again.
They had a very nice showroom. It was very professional and clean.

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Liz B.
3 Aug, 2009

Chris Chidester is very professional and he made good on all the errors that were made. I appreciate his courtesy and effort to try to make things right. I would tell others that I found they were not the most competent people. I truly expected so much more.
The cabinets that were installed look very nice and are of high quality. They are very attractive and functional.

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Vijay R.
23 Sep, 2009

The Cabinet Center’s representative was very helpful. He really tried to follow through. He came out to install the cabinets.

Read More…
Joe F.
25 Oct, 2009

Everything works out perfectly the first time, but if something goes wrong and it starts not working, that’s it.
The quality of the cabinets was good.

Read More…
Judy M.
27 Nov, 2009

Their showroom

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Michael Fitzpatrick
30 Dec, 2009

We worked with Cecilia who really took the time with us. Buying cabinets could not be more complex, considering all the types of materials (wood, make, hardware, countertop) and then figuring out who will install it all but she was really patient and worked through the plans to make sure we were satisfied. We will definitely work with Cecilia again, competitive prices and helpful throughout the whole process. We are very happy with our new kitchen.

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